Reduce dissolved iron and manganese with only periodic backwashing.

Efficient and economical way to reduce and remove dissolved iron and manganese compounds, including:

      • Iron
      • Iron Bacteria
      • Sulfur
      • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
      • Manganese
      • Organic & musty smell

Promate 6 Iron Curtain Jr Storm

Achieve Aqualibrium


  • Low Maintenance System
  • No chemical feed pumps to maintain
  • Septic system safe
  • Disinfection with Ozone
  • Improves Taste

The Promate filtration system will eliminate rust stains in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry; saving you time and money on cleaning. Your clothing will be brighter, whiter, and last longer.

Your water appliances and fixtures will last longer and stay cleaner, lengthening the life of your water softener and drinking water systems.

    Promate 6 Water Filtration System