Manganese in Drinking Water

Here is an article that was recently published on Manganese. As you will see in the article, it is no longer just an aesthetic concern.   BY CHAD HOWARD APR 26, 2018 MAKING SENSE OF MANGANESE Understanding the health & environmental effects of manganese Not be confused with magnesium,┬ámanganese is a silver-colored metal┬áthat is somewhat […]

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Hellenbrand salt sales and delivery

Did you know that we are a dealer of Hellenbrand Premium softener salt? We stock Solar Salt and Pellets. We also have select Morton and Cargill products. We can deliver to you garage, or right to your salt tank. We deliver a few bags, or in full pallet quantities. You just tell us at ordering […]

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Nitrates In Drinking Water

Nitrates are a common contaminant in the Lancaster County area. If you are maintaining your own well for drinking water, you should be testing the water for Bacteria and Nitrates on a regular basis. We also recommend testing for Iron, Manganese, pH, Hardness, and TDS at least every few years. Nitrates in your drinking water […]

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Hard water in your home

Did you know that hard water is not just affecting the suds when washing? It also will shorten the life of any appliance that uses water. Towels will not stay soft as long, and your skin will dry out more rapidly. Call us to see what options we have for “You”

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Advanced Water Conditioning for Dairy Farms

Oregon Water Conditioning has been offering water quality treatment solutions for the Residential, Commercial, and Agriculture industries since 1986 and is a certified water treatment provider with WQA and EWQA.

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