Reverse Osmosis

Millennium Drinking Water System

This Reverse Osmosis System filters four times for healthy, crystal-clear drinking water.

  • Pre-Filter The Lillennium pre-filter is a sidement/carbon block cartridge designed to remove dirt, sand, and other particulate matter down to the 5 micron level; along with chlorine taste and odors.
  • Membrane Water travels from the pre-filter into the membrane. The majority of the dissolved solids and other substances are removed and flushed down the drain.
  • Post-Filter Any tastes or odors remaining in the water will be reduced by the carbon post-filter before the water enters the storage tank.
  • Polishing Filter Before reaching the faucet, the water from the storage tank goes through one final stage of filtration, another activated carbon filter. This assures good tasting, crystal clear water.

Additional Features:

  • Simple MaintenanceMaintenance is simple. Change the pre-filter and post-filters every 6 to 12 months. The membrane typically lasts several years. The optional quality monitor on your faucet will let you know when it is time to change the membrane.
  • Automatic ShutoffThe automatic shutoff tells the system when the storage tank is full.It also tells the system when water is being used and when it is time to filter more water.
  • Optional Water Quality Monitor The long-reach, stylish faucet has an option of a convenient water quality indicator light located in the base. Simply push the water quality check button on the faucet base. A green light indicates your system is functioning at peak efficiency. If the amber light comes on, there may be a problem or it might be time to change the membrane.
  • Convenient Installation  Your Millennium Drinking Water System can be installed under your kitchen sink, in a cabinet or in your basement.